Before and Now Era of Camera

ENG 101/0845

I have encountered a message that has been conveyed by an image and it was when my history teacher back in high school teaches us information about those historians that contributed to the world using images. At some point, by using an image, there is a possibility that the meaning or appearance of an image might change because it has been seen by a lot of people and we have different kinds of perspective so we understand things differently. But if we see images and paintings in its original concept, we might realize the differences between the original and the one used by the camera. In the original piece, you can see the uniqueness of art, you can see the thickness of the material used in that art. But in terms of using a camera rather than to see it with our own eyes, the meaning of an art change because we just lost the originality of it and you will certainly see a drawing that means a lot of insights came from different kinds of perspectives of people. 

For me, it fits with the idea of Berger because they mean the same perception, that you will know the real meaning of a painting if you will be able to see it with your own eyes or in reality. 

I think it brought us a realization that after camera was invented and much online stuff that popped up, it changes the world and it changes how we see things in different ways, I would say social media affects our lifestyle by seeing so many advertisements everywhere that we didn’t notice we are being addicted to it. Unlike before that, there weren’t cameras, people live in a society that writes their own stories with their own experiences and not influenced by social media. 


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