In paper #2, I would like to write about episode #4 of ways of hearing “Money” by Damon Krukowski. In this episode, he talked about objectifying music and making it like any material that could be bought and sold, and how that could impact our ways of hearing sounds. He affirmed that music should be freely accessible. Yes, music should be something that free of cost because music is for entertainment, and we can’t make this entertainment just for people who can pay for it because poor people need to enjoy as well. That would make more people listen to music which makes artists more famous with more fans. Now companies are becoming rapacious and turn music to a business that they could benefit from it, so we can’t just put the blame on artists. Some artists do singing as an avocation without caring about money, and street singers are a simple example of this. But, if we consider singing as a job, we can’t say it should be free because no one is willing to work without profits. It’s not fair because in some cases singing is a source of income for artists, and they need to sell their albums. Actually, it depends on the artists themselves. There are novice singers, and there are very famous singers who could make money in any way like concerts with huge profits. Therefore, I am kind of agree and disagree with what Krukowski discussed in the episode.

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