In paper #2 i will be analyzing episode 4 of ways of hearing “Money” by Damon Krukowski. In this episode he talks about music being property, he states that music should be freely available for everyone because it is something immaterial and therefore it shouldn’t be a price on it. This point that he makes is very interesting because ideally, it would amazing having the possibilities of being able to listen to any music without having to pay for it. However, if we look at it from another perspective, music is a type of art, in which people who make it, put their effort and talent with the purpose of it being successful and enjoyable for the audience. We should at the production of music as any other type of job that requires thinking, time and work. For this reason, music should not be freely accessible for everyone as it would have a negative effect in  the music industry and there would be less artists dedicated to this. In my paper will be going over and interpreting Krukowki’s arguments in this episode and consequently stating the advantages and disadvantages of music being freely available for everyone.

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