The camera could benefit us but could also be used to manipulate us.



  After the invention of the camera, images have become a source of information and also some kind of language that works by manipulating the context in which the images are shown. An example could be when we’re watching tv and in between commercial breaks the broadcaster often shows ads to either promote a product or service or to convey a message, while watching the news I often see ads about the newest Iphone, these ads consist of various images and videos of the new device showing and providing information meticulously picked by the company Apple to try and incite its viewers to buy the new device, while doing these ads Apple is trying to convince its public about the device’s advantages and improvements, only showing what’s beneficial for the company and therefore manipulating the way they show only what they want you to see about their new device . This type of publicity fits with the ideas that Berger describes in episode one(#1) of ways of seeing, because in the episode Berger claims that images are often shown by the provide in ways which he could manipulate what he wants people to see and could be used to create some sort of manipulative pattern that could be used to make the viewer believe or change their perspective on a certain topic.