So, as I am very interested in immigration policies, I was just browsing through many articles until I came to this specific one;

In English, it means ‘Stop Islamization’. The basic summary of Islamization is the process of bringing someone or something under the influence of Islam or under Islamic rule. Although it is incorrect, this image was manipulated in order to show the message. It shows Islamic women, dressed in their traditional clothing, shopping in presumably somewhere in Germany. This image is tied to a book called The Strange Death of Europe, where the author believes that the mass amount of Islamic immigrants is decreasing the predominantly white population, making them a minority. The picture is colored in black and white to symbolize jail, at least to me, or something to avoid or be afraid of. 

It subconsciously supports the campaign’s message of Muslims being the enemy by the use of color, although the true portion of the photo had nothing to do with breaking the law. The book itself is in support for anti immigration in Europe. It is cited by many anti immigration politicians in America while we are having immigration issues. The author blames immigrants for Europe’s massive rape and murder crime rise and blames Europe’s somewhat lax immigration laws. It is unfortunate that even in this day and age, the presence of short-sightedness is still around and inciting anger against those who did nothing to deserve it.

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