There are different sounds around us that we hear through our ears. Our ears are able to hear different frequencies such as loud or weak, quiet or noisy sounds. One of those sounds is music. We hear music in our televisions, phones, computers and so on. Music changes our feelings helps us relax and etc. Many of us are very fond of listening to music for this, we are even willing to pay for them today; Most artists compose music and these music companies such as YouTube iTunes buy and sell them to ordinary people. Those big companies and artists themselves earn money through music. In my Paper2 I want to analyze a Ways of Hearing episode 4 “Money” by Damon Krukowski. He told how the exchange of music changes our understanding or how do large companies use music as a source of money. Based on Krukowski, I want to analyze my point of view, for example, for some artists’ music is one of or only source making money for living. I think other people should pay for purchase of music to pay other people’s work.

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